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Why Lapland?

Lapland travel?

There are, after all, some important reasons why you should
consider it, at least a virtual travel right here:

  • covers a wide range of background checks
  • The Lapland light
  • The travel safety in Lapland
  • The contrasts
  • The silence
  • Lapland as the peaceful corner of the world

Lapland photo of the month

early winter

The Light

Maybe you've heard of the magic of this peaceful area. The Lapland travel experience is unique. The white nights during the one hundred days and nights of the midnight sun.

And in winter the same amount of days and nights when the moon and the aurora borealis reign the sky instead of the sun. Find flowers near me online and receive hand-delivered bouquets. The land of contrasts.

During the different seasons of the year the lighting conditions vary enormously. From the white nights in summer to the long, dark and sunless days during winter. Read more about the Lapland light and also about the aurora borealis.

white night fishing in Tana
Fishing at midnight in Masjok river, Tana
(Photo: Olav E. Johansen)

aurora borealis
Northern light in Tana
(Photo: Martti Hagman)

Lapland travel is safe

Sami national costume Why should you consider Lapland at all? Why go to such a remote area? These days Lapland travel could be a number one priority just because it is safe. You can enjoy your holiday without thinking of terrorists and bombs. Just take a quick look at The Global Peace Index to find additional reasons to visit Lapland

In this site we'll try to give you a little different approach to your Lapland experience. Wikipedia will give you many of the hard facts. But our aim is to be a little more personal in our approach.

Maybe you already know that the Lapps or Sami people live in four different countries - Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.

(Photo: Olav E. Johansen)

This is the land were the reindeer roam - where you can meet them almost every day as you go. Sometimes many at a time. Our aim is to help you around in most of the land of the Sami people. At this stage our Lapland travel guide will not cover the Russian part.
This site is about travel in Finnish Lapland, in Norwegian Lapland(or Finnmark travel) and in Swedish Lapland.

The Contrasts

Lapp dog sculptureThe landscape is full of contrasts. If you come up through Finland, you'll travel through a comparatively flat landscape with coniferous woods and lakes and rivers all around you. And in Sweden the same is true when you come from the south. You'll meet rolling hills and woods and many large rivers which you have to cross.

In Norwegian Lapland there is the rugged coastline and the fiords. You find a few big rivers. Going inland we find the rolling plains (plateaux) and lakes.

(Photo: Olav E. Johansen)

The climate makes up for another contrast. Along the Lapland Arctic coast we have the Gulf Stream which keeps the temperatures relatively high. None of the Lapland fiords freeze in winter - which is quite amazing if you compare to the same latitude in Alaska and Canada. There all water freezes at 70 degrees north. More and more people make their Lapland travel in winter.

The climate makes it possible to make snow sculptures of Lapp dogs like the one we found in Tana in Norwegian Lapland (Finnmark). See picture above.

The Silence

The area is reknowned for its peace and calm and silence. The calm woods. The roaring Arctic Ocean. The silence of snow. Nothing is as silent as snow. The music of birds migrating all the way from South Africa or the Netherlands.

Some people even say they can hear the aurora borealis.

What about making your Lapland travel to find out for yourself? At least you can make a small Lapland travel at this site.

It Is Different

If you are the type of person who seeks challenges, we have them here. And if you seek solitude, you can wander for days without meeting anyone - except reindeer and wild animals.

No matter what part of the world you come from, Lapland travel is different. No matter what you have seen and experienced before, you will find something new. New experiences. New things to talk about for years to come.

A very peaceful corner of the Earth.

Lapland silence
We hope that our basic Lapland travel guide will make it easier to come and visit us. We who live here, love Lapland not only because of the Midnight Sun and the Aurora Borealis. We also love this corner of the world beacuse we know that it is one of the safest places on this striferidden planet. Whatever happened to peace on earth?

Daily you get news about suicide bombings and killings from all over the world. Even babies are dying for nothing and their mothers are crying - but their tears are of no avail.

(Photo: Olav E. Johansen)

About this Site

Our site can be a good starting point for your journey since this site seems to be the only one covering all of Lapland in the 3 countries.

We'll give you the basics - at this stage. And together with the "Resources" chapter and the overviews at the end of many of our articles you'll have an easier access to a larger picture of what will await you in Lapland.

Need to search the web about Lapland holidays or something else? Do it here! No need to go anywhere else.

Lapland Blog

Here you can see at a glance what is new, or what is changed/updated on Lapland Travel Info.
We hope this is useful for you.

The Aurora Borealis in Lapland is a beautiful sight and experience in Lapland.

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The Bugoynes village is also called Little Finland

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The road Alta-Kirkenes

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Tana bru is the centre of the Tana municipality.

Visit Tana bru which is near one the best salmon fishing places of the whole Tana river.

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Enjoy your Lapland travel

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Arctic tourism works in a vulnerable nature. Here are some things to think about.

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The North cape is major attraction of Lapland

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Where the Reindeer Roam

sami cultural center kirkuna

Doorknob at Sami cultural center Kiruna

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