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The road Alta-Kirkenes, the E-6, goes through
different kinds of nature

The E-6 goes through all of Finnmark

The road Alta-Kirkenes, the E-6, starts at Trelleborg in Sweden and goes through Norway up to Kirkenes. We start our E-6 story at the Troms county border in Alta municipality. See map.

Side trip from E-6 to Loppa and Sørøya

When you come from Troms county into Finnmark, after a few kilometres you may deviate from the E-6 to road 882 and take the a trip to Loppa municipality and Øksfjord.

Just at the Langfjordbotn crossroads is a cafe where they can tell you about Loppa and the Øksfjord glacier. (Only in Norwegian, but you'll find the contact info).

Read also a litte more about the glacier.
See map.

At Elvedal a few kilometres from the Langfjordbotn crossroads you can see some of the anchorages of the German World War II battleship Scharnhorst. From here you can also go to Sørøya where the famous Deep Sea Angling Festival is held every summer. See map.

Alta is the starting point of the famous dog sledge race "Finnmarkslopet".

The Northern Light Observatory at Haldde Mountain

Halde mountain Alta (Photo: Janos Kolostyak/World Heritage Center for Rock Art - Alta Museum).

The picture shows the main building and some of the excellent view of the Alta fiord area. The Haldde Mountain (904 m o.h.) is higher than all the mountains in the Alta fiord. From the start in 1899 to 1926 there was northern light research and weather observations on the top of Haldde.

In additon to the observatory building there was a main building with four flats and offices. Up to three families with children once lived on top of Haldde. After World War II only the stone walls were left. But today much is restored.

There is a marked, 9 km cart road up to the top. The road starts by the E-6 in near Kåfjord Church (35 km southwest of Alta). Accessible all year round. You can hire keys at Alta Museum. See Haldde map.

At Kåfjord there are remains from the old copper mine, the Kåfjord church and the Tirpitz museum. (Site only in Norwegian.)

Alta museum

World heritage Alta These rock carvings (or petroglyphs) in the Alta Fjord in Norwegian Lapland are the traces of a settlement dating from ca. 4200 to 500 B.C.

There are thousands of paintings and engravings. They all give us a better understanding of the environment and human activities on Arctic Coast in prehistoric times.

The Rock Art of Alta was taken into UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1985. This is one of the largest known collection of rock carvings in Northern Europe made by hunter-gatherers. The first carvings were discovered in 1973.
Rock Carvings - Alta Museum.
(Photo: Olav E. Johansen)

Read more about Alta museum.

Alternative route Alta - Karasjok

You can go Alta-Kirkenes by an alternative route. From Alta you may go to Karasjok on the inland road 93/92. At Gievdneguoika crossroads you may want to go to the Sami municipality Kautokeino and the Juhls silver gallery.

Alta Canyon and Alta Power Plant

The Alta canyon is the largest canyon in Northern Europe. The visitor's room at the power plant was built inside the mountain itself, above the 110-metre high dam. You can see the reservoir and concrete dam through a panorama window. The dam and the power plant are only open to visitors taking part in guided tours.

The Alta canyon is 7,5 km long. The width is between 400 metres and 1,7 km. The canyon is around 420 metres deep.

Read more about Alta itself. As you go eastward from Alta you have to pass the Sennalandet high plateau where many Sami have their summer dwellings. There is also a Sami church at Aissaroaive.

From the church you proceed down the Repparfjord river which a good salmon river and come to another crossroads at Skaidi.

Side trip to Kvalsund and Hammerfest

And from Skaidi you may deviate on the road 94 through Kvalsund and further on to the world's northernmost city, Hammerfest.

Side trip to North Cape

From Skaidi you pass another high plateau, Hatter, and come to the Olderfjord crossraods. From here you can deviate to the famous cliff, North Cape.

Side trip to Havoysund

From Olderfjord you can also deviate to Mås& on E-69 a few kilometres to Russenes. Then go on to road 889. Se map..


In the Porsanger municipality you can see the Stone Trolls at Trollholmsund. See map.
Read more about Porsanger here.

Alternative route Lakselv - Tana bru

From Lakselv you may also take an alternative road to Tana bru, the road 98. Then you go along the Porsanger fjord and pass Børselv with its Kven center which is worth a visit. (Site only in Norwegian, but there is a picture of the modern building and maps + contact info).

Also the Silfar Canyon, with the Silfar Rapids, is worth a visit. See map. After the Silfar canyon you pass the mountain Børselvfjellet and get to the crossroads at Ifjord.
From Ifjord you can even deviate from the rd 98 and go to the Arctic coast on the Nordkyn peninsula. There you can visit Gamvik with its Slettnes lighthouse and Kjøllefjord with the famous church-like rock Finnkirka.


Still on the E-6, travelling Alta-Kirkenes, from Lakselv you pass yet another mountain and reach the capital and cultural center of the Norwegian Sami, Karasjok. You are now at the Heart of Lapland. See map

From Karasjok the E-6 goes downstream on the shores of the Tana river which runs through three municipalities in the Tana valley.


As you go downstream you pass the Levajok Fjellstue.

Side trip to Utsjoki on Finnish side

And further down the river you may cross the Tana river on the Lapland bridge and visit Utsjoki on the Finnish side of the border.

At the Lapland bridge the E-6 meets the E-75.

Then you get to Tana bru which is the center of Tana municipality.

Side trip to Arctic coast

From Tana bru you may take day trips to the Arctic cost on the Varanger peninsula. As you go that way, you pass the Tanamunningen nature reserve. And on the coast there are the fishing villages Berlevag and Batsfjord.


We know proceed on the last stretch of the E-6 route Alta-Kirkenes. At Varangerbotn itself there is a modern Sami museum.

Side trip on Varanger national tourist road

At Varangerbotn crossroads you can deviate from the E-6 and take the E-75 which goes through Vadsø and Vardø. It ends at Hamningberg. This is the Varanger national tourist road.


Midway between Varangerbotn and Kirkenes you may again deviate from the E-6 and go Bugøynes, which is the Finnmark village where old Finnish traditions still are kept alive after their forefathers immigrated from Finland 100-200 years ago. The place is also called Pikku Suomi, Little Finland. Read more about Bugoynes here.

At Neiden we find the smallest and oldest church building in Finnmark, the Russian orthodox chapel.

At last we are at the end of the Alta-Kirkenes road. The E-6 ends at Kirkenes at the quay of the Hurigruten - The Norwegian coastal express.

In winter there is an ice hotel at Kirkenes.

Side trip Russian border and Grense-Jakobselv

From the Kirkenes area you can visit the 180 km Russian border or even go for shorter or longer trips into Russia, for instance to Murmansk.

Another border river is the Grense Jakobselv (Jacob's border river).
When you are at Grense Jakobselv, you are at one of the easternmost points of Norway. Only Vardø is a little further east. Both are further east than Istanbul.

Side trip to the Pasvik valley

And you can go to the Pasvik valley. Part of the Norwegian-Russian border follows the Pasvik River.

And finally, here is a video showing the road Alta-Kirkenes in 3 minutes.

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