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Berry Picking Is Allowed In All Parts of Lapland

Berry Picking Is A Nice Pastime

You may do your berry picking without asking, wherever the Right of Public Access applies in all parts of Lapland. Before picking, please, check what the Right of Public Access actually says about protected species. Or ask at the local Tourist offices. The same rules apply to mushroom picking. In the autumn the forests and fells of Lapland are rich with many kinds of berries and even mushrooms.

The delight of discovery and learning about something new can be experienced in many natural locations. You can go on your own in our forests and mountains. And, of course, you can stay the night in your tent.

Many even experience the light Lapland nights without a tent. You can just sleep under the heaven. There are a few wild animals like wolves and bears. But chances are you won't see any of them. they won't harm you in any way if you just stay calm and .

Cloudberry Picking

Berry picking is a nice pastime Cloudberries are the most attractive of the berries of Lapland. You find them on open and forested marshlands from the middle of July till late August, depending on the latitude and altitude.

In traditional medical art the cloudberry was used against scurvy which was cause by severe lack of vitamnin C. The vikings of old brought with them cloudberries for protection against scurvy. So did the great polar expeditions.

Cloudberries contain 90 - 120 mg vitamin C pr 100 grams of berries. Compared to for instance oranges, cloudberries contain 3-4 times more vitamin C.

Cloudberries contain a lot of benzoe-acid which makes the berries easy to preserve without preservation remedies.

Many believe that cloudberries are a source of youth. Recent research supports this. It is a fact that the berry contains a lot of anti-oxidants which protect against cancer and heart diseases. These anti-oxidants may also be important in reducing the process of aging. In addition the berry picking itself is a healthful activity.

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