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Cross country skiing is a nice way of moving on Lapland's white snow

Long season for cross country skiing

In Lapland you can experience cross country skiing. We have lots of snow from October to May/June. There are numerous ski trails all over Lapland. So if you like cross-country skiing, you better come to Lapland. This could be an unforgettable vacation for you and your family.

The 'kaamos'

In the middle of the Lapland winter there is the time when the sun never rises above the horizon - not even in the middle of the day. In Finnsih this period is called the "kaamos". The "kaamos" begins in October-November and ends in February. Actually, it does not get completely dark.

The light

There is a nice deep blue dusk during the day even if the sun is not visible. At night, the sky is sometimes lit by the fabulous Northern Lights and the innumerable stars. At full moon, night is almost as light as day because the snow reflects even the light. This makes skiing easier for the skiers even in the darkness of winter.

There may be severe frost in the middle of winter, but the frost doesn't feel that cold. The reason is that the air is drier.

In late winter ("spring winter") you can go skiing at full daylight at one o'clock in the morning. It is light night and day. This is the time when the snow gets harder and crustier. Ski expeditions can get longer. Cross-country skiing becomes much easier and more exciting.

Large ski events

are arranged in "spring winter" at many locations. Ask the local tourist office or check here for cross country skiing activities in the different parts of Lapland.

The farther north you go, the longer the skiing season lasts. And the nights become lighter. For instance, in Norwegian Lapland it is still possible to ski in May and even in June.

Holiday centers in Lapland can offer you trails up 15 kilmetres long. Many of the trails are lit, so you can ski safely in the dark. For the experienced there are even longer ski routes. Or you can even go on your own in the wilderness. What about skiing for days without meeting anyone?

You can partake in ski expeditions which last several days. For the long routes or wilderness ski hiking on your own, you must be in a good physical shape. But we advise you that it may not be necessary to go one your own into the real wilderness - for your own safety.

Consider the Mountain Code before leaving on a long cross country skiing hike.

In Lapland you may choose among many holiday centres throughout Lapland.

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