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The Lapp confirmation is a colourful event

Lapp confirmation

This year we found a Lapp confirmation (or Sami confirmation) at Karasjok in Norwegian Lapland just to feel the athmosphere and the mood when nearly 50 youth gathered to go through the confirmation act. We also looked forward to the photo session which means digitalizing the nice people clad in Lapp colours.

Our guess is that a Lapp confirmation is the most colourful confirmations in the Nordic countries. Lapp confirmations find place during Easter when there is still winter in Lapland. The colours are accentuated by the snow.

Old and young are all in a festive mood. They are in their best garments as well as their most expensive. The Lapp national costume costs a lot of money if you have all the silver or gold elements that are required for the male belt and the female brooches.

As an example only the female cap may cost around 150 USD, and a nice shawl around 300 USD.

Civil confirmations are becoming more and more common even in Lapland. But at this year's confirmation at Karasjok everybody had the church confirmation. Here are some photo samples from a Sami confirmation:

R1C1 R1C2 R1C3 R1C4
 R2C1 R2C2 R2C3 R2C4

The Lapp confirmation is an important element of the Lapp culture.

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