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Come and Visit Lapland --
the Peaceful Corner of the Earth

Peaceful Corner and the Global Peace Index

Where are the peaceful corners of the Earth? Where do you really find peace on Earth? The Global Peace Index clearly shows that Scandinavian countries including Finland rank on top of this index. As you'll see the three countries where our Lapland is, ranks within the top seven. The ranking for our countries is:

1. Norway
6. Finland
7. Sweden

Take a look at the Global Peace Index to find out more about the peaceful corner and see for yourself that whenever you visit us here in Lapland, you are truly in one of the most peaceful corners of the world.

Lapland is the peaceful corner of the world We who live in Lapland love our area. Certainly we love the Midnight Sun and the Aurora Borealis and the changing seasons. But we also know that we have the privilege of living in a peaceful corner. Just from watching TV news we can tell that Lapland is one of the safest places on this striferidden planet.

Whatever happened to peace on earth?

Daily we are downtrodden with news about suicide bombings and killings from all over the world, with wars and rumours of war. Children and women are weeping in despair in so many places except in Lapland, the peaceful corner.

This is why you can enjoy your holiday for what it is meant to be - relaxation and charging of your batteries. Here in Lapland you can do just that. No need to worry about terrorists and bombs.

World's Most Peaceful Corners

Scandinavia has always been a peaceful corner and quiet area both for visitors and people living there. This has now been confirmed by the Global Peace Index (GPI) which has ranked 120 countries by violence, politics, human rights, and various other possible conflicts and issues indicating national harmony to find the peaceful corners.

Norway has been ranked the world's most peaceful country. Finland is number 6, and Sweden is in 7th place. Just to compare, the USA is number 96, and Great Britain (UK) made it to 49th place. All this just adds to the list of reasons to visit Lapland.

These three countries have some very nice features in common. They are all in the peaceful corner of the world. They are:
  1. Politically stable
  2. Free of civil unrest
  3. Not at war with any other country
  4. Relations with neighbouring states are good
  5. Level of violent crime is very low

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