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The Sami national anthem is a beautiful symbol

Sami national anthem

The Sami national anthem (Sami soga lavla) was written by Isak Saba from Nesseby in Norwegian Lapland and was originally published in 1906 in the magazine Sagai Muittalaegje. .

You find the different texts of the beautiful Sami national anthem here in all the different Sami languages, in English plus some other languages.

Here you can listen to the Sami national anthem.

Here are also the national anthems of the Nordic countries. Listen to the national anthems of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

Once you are in a national anthem mood, you can have access to all national anthems of the world here.

The national anthem is one of the most important symbols for a people. But there are other symbols as well. Read our Lapp symbols article, too.

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