Enjoy your Lapland travel

by Scott Pittman

Sami children playing

Sami children playing

Many kids dream of a Lapland travel and visiting Father Christmas, but it is something that many parents now bring into reality. With trips to Lapland becoming more and more popular, kids and adults alike are enjoying the festive Lapland treat.

The treats can last as a long weekend or even longer if desired.

There are even trips which adults can make on their own – without bringing the kids! This would involve something like going on a snowmobile safari. On arriving at Rovaniemi airport, you will be met by an English speaking tour guide who will take you through the snowy countryside to your destination.

On the snow mobiles, you get an excellent chance to see the snow filled forests on what is an exhilarating ride through the country. Occasional breaks will involve warm cups of hot chocolate, or something more alcoholic should you wish!

The break is perfect for kids and any adult seeking an alternative holiday. Many trips include the essentials like thermal clothing so that you don’t have to worry about forking out for this expense before you fly.

You are never short of something to do with the kids. There are loads of exciting and festive trips you can book which will be truly memorable long after the trip has ended. Story time adventures are one of the best trips you can book, as it turns out into a mini “search for Santa.”

Prices for this may start at around £400 each and the trip trip from the UK and involves a visit to Mrs. Clause’s restaurant where you will have a warming dinner, a visit to see the reindeer and a slide down the snowy hills before finally meeting Santa himself. An extra special trip is a treat to visit the ice hotel – a hole literally made of ice. Even the beds are made of ice!

If you would prefer something more comfortable then you can always check into one of the many other hotels in the area which are suitable for families on short breaks from the UK.

Something truly memorable for the kids would be a pick up from the airport – from an elf! The elf takes you on his sleigh to the elf factory where all the elves are busy making toys. Your children won’t believe their luck on this exciting and truly magical journey.

To book in time for Christmas, you need to do your research now as many trips will become fully booked.

There are also numerous holiday competitions that might be worth entering for a chance to win a trip to Lapland if, like most people nowadays, your budget is a little stretched.

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