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Norwegian Lapland Activities and Events Gathered in one Place

When it comes to Norwegian Lapland activities, you can choose between many kinds of activities. We'll try to give you an overview of activities - all in one place. With this feature the planning of your Lapland trip will become easier.

Tana river and Tana valley

Read about the Tana river and the Tana valley. Here you find tourist information about the Karasjok, Utsjoki and Tana municipalties.


Here is something about the Varanger national tourist road.


The Finnkirka is a famous sea cliff in Norwegian Lapland that is formed like a church.

Scuba Diving

Now you can learn about and experience scuba diving in the Arctic Ocean. Then you just have to visit the Kongsfjord International Scuba Diving School.

Brave Coastal Women

At Kjollefjord on the Norwegian Lapland coast you'll find the coastal women sculptures.


Here's an overview of Finnmark activities and events.

Where the Reindeer Roam