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Bringing your pets to Lapland

Pets to Lapland

Many of us would want to bring our pets to Lapland when going there on holidays or other trips. After all our pets are like family members, aren't they? dogs-to-Lapland-2 We love ours pets, be it a bird, a dog or a cat, to mention some.

Many destinations welcome family pets. You'll find a range of pet-friendly accommodation, from bed and breakfasts to resorts, camping grounds and hotels. You have to check out.

In this article, though, we'll give you the necessary information for crossing national borders if you want to bring your pets across the borders.

When bringing your pets with you, it is necessary to bring with you identification documents and vaccination card for your pet.

As Finland and Sweden are EU countries the same rules apply in Finnish and Swedish Lapland. Norway is not an EU member. Thus Norway has its own set of rules. Norway is one of very few countries in Europe without rabies.

Official rules

cats-to-Lapland-4 Here are the official rules for bringing your pets to Finnish Lapland

And the rules for bringing your pets to Norwegian Lapland

And finally the rules for bringing your pets to Lapland - Swedish Lapland

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