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The accommodation possibilities are numerous in all parts of Lapland.

Many Accommodation Possibilities

Certainly there is some kind of accommodation for most pocket-books. It's normally wise to book well in advance.

If you are travelling by car, you have a wider range of possiblities. With camping sites it is the same here as everywhere else: The earlier you stop for the day, the better the possibilities of getting what you want.

GPS auto navigation

You modern ladies and guys know that the GPS makes even finding suitable accomodation a piece of cake. You get the many possibilities on your bright GPS screens.

Ice Hotels

If you travel in winter you have to try an ice hotel. This is an extraordinary, out of the way, experience. The opening season is of course dependant on the winter temperatures.

Staying in an ice hotel is an experience you will never forget. What about marrying in an ice or igloo hotel? More and more people do. Take a look at the possibilities of accommodation in ice hotels and igloo hotels in Lapland.


You'll find hotels in all price segments in all parts of Lapland there are hotels in many villages and certainly in all towns and cities. The hotels and holiday villages are of a high standard.

Many hotel guests in Lapland often ask the night porters to wake them at any time of night if the Northern Lights are to appear (in winter), and for the midnight sun (in summer).

Take a look at resources at the bottom of the article.


There is a wide variety of cabins in all parts of Lapland - in all price classes. On the Lapland coast you can stay in a fishermen's cabins. Here you can wake in the morning with the Arctic Ocean roaring just beneath you or outside your front door.


Lapland also has a multitude of camping sites. You can find small sites by a river or in the deep, calm woods. Or maybe you would like to have the Arctic Ocean before your eyes when you awake in the morning.

The number of places where you can empty your motor home toilet is increasing all the time.

Accommodation Resources

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Where the Reindeer Roam

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