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Many Activities and Attractions in Lapland
Are Connected to the Seasonal Changes

Many Activities and Attractions Are Connected to Nature

Many of the main activities and attractions that you can do and enjoy here in Lapland, are connected with nature in some way. Lapland's changing seasons give opportunities for many kinds of activities throughout the year.

Lapland is known for its nature and its wilderness - the mountains and plains, the deep and calm woods, the Arctic Ocean, the rivers and lakes.

Activities-and-attractions01 Salmon fishing But Lapland also offers city life activities and attractions. We don't have the big cities here, but still you can enjoy city life even here, in cities and towns like Rovaniemi, Kemi, Kemijärvi and Tornio in Finnish Lapland.

In Norwegian Lapland there are cities like Alta, Hammerfest, Vadsø and Kirkenes. And in Swedish Lapland you find cities like Kiruna, Lycksele and Arvidsjaur.

Summer and Autumn Activities

In all parts of Lapland you can choose between different activities like