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Tana river

Finnmarkslopet is the world's northernmost dogsled race

Finnmarkslopet has become a great event

Finnmarkslopet - ready to goFinnmarkslopet is the longest dogsled race in Europe. It is also the northernmost dogsled race in the world. There are two trails. The short one is 500 kilometres and the long one is 1000 kilometres long. In 2009 the race starts March 7.

The long trail starts at the Aurora Borealis City of Alta in Norwegian Lapland. Most of the trails go through wild and uninhabited areas. Part of the long trail goes along the Finnish-Norwegian border on and along the famous Tana river.

The turning checkpoint of the long trail is at Kirkenes on the Russian border. There are 12 checkpoints.
Photos: Olav E. Johansen/Ossimellom

Dogsled race in Norwegian Lapland In 2009 there are 96 participants from 14 nations. Altogether they have about 1000 dogs.

Many activities

At some of the checkpoints there are many activities for the spectators. An example: When the racers come to the bottom of the Varanger fiord, they will see that this part of the trail is beautifully lit by numerous torches. At the checkpoint itself there are many torchlit snow and ice sculptures. And visitors to this checkpoint can buy local food and be entertained in various ways.

At many of the checkpoints there are cultural activities for spectators. Next year you are welcome to visit Lapland and the Finnmarkslopet.

Take a look at the Finnmarkslopet trail on this map.

Read more about the Finnmarkslopet at their official website.

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