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Hammerfest has the world's northernmost World heritage site

Hammerfest and natural gas

Moss type LNG carrier Hammerfest is the gas capital of Norwegian Lapland and the only place in all of Lapland were natural gas is being produced. Here the Norwegian company Statoil has developed Europes first plant for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in connection with the Snohvit (Snow White) gas field.

The gas is predominantly methane that has been converted temporarily to liquid form to ease storage and transport.

In the picture you see a Moss type LNG Carrier which is the most iconic image of LNG industry.
All photos: Olav E. Johansen/Ossimellom


polar bear is symbol of city The status as a city dates back to 1789. The city has long traditions within fisheries and Polar sea catching. This is symbolized by the polar bear in its coat-of-arms.

The city has a dramatic history. Back in 1809 the city was plundered and rampaged by British fregates during the Napoleonic War. In 1890 two thirds of the city was destroyed in a conflagration.

During World War II the city was totally destroyed by the German troops as they withdrew. The only remaining building was the graveyard chapel. Large parts of Norwegian Lapland was destroyed as well. In commemoration of this Lapland war a reconstruction museum has been placed here.

This city was also the first city in Northern Europe to have electric street lights. The first ones came in 1891.

Some sights

The mayor sights are