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The Juhls Silver Gallery at Kautokeino
is a high quality pearl in the Lapland wilderness

Silver Gallery

You'll find Juhls Silver Gallery as you come north from Sweden and Finland on the E-45 and Rd 93 at the Sami village of Kautokeino in the midst of the wonderful expanse of Finnmarksvidda. Kautokeino is the "number two capital" of the Sami people of Norway. (The first one being Karasjok).

Juhls Silver Gallery at Kautokeino A couple of kilometres outside the central Katutokeino village the Juhls Gallery is situated with a nice view of the village and the river. For decades now it has been one of the most popular destinations in North Norway. Here you really need time! Please, plan for it. You won't regret.

They make Sami jewellery that is often used in Sami weddings.


After a long drive through a nearly untouched countryside, you should take a break here and again take pleasure in what man can accomplish when he lets his creative spirit roam whilst he is using his hands. The Gallery is a place of artistic craft and a pearl showing the personal architecture of the pioneers, Regine and Frank Juhls.

Juhls silver gallery Frank and Regine Juhls were real pioneers who started their fairytale story with two empty hands in the Lapland wilderness. In the 1950-ies there were no roads through Kautokeino yet. This challenged them. With a great pleasure in their work, the two of them raised the unbelievable building for us to explore and enjoy.

These two pioneers always thought that the life in isolation, far away from large cities, fashions and trends was the prerequisite for being able to develop their kind creativity. And truly they have succeeded.

Find Kautokeino in a map. Read more on the Juhls Silver Gallery web site.

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