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Loppa island trip

Loppa island is often called the pearl of the Finnmark coast. Read the article here.

War remains at Kongsfjord

World war II reamins at Kongsfjord in Finnmark (Norwegian Lapland).

Skolt Sami reburial ceremony at Neiden

On 25th Sept. 94 caskets were brought back to Neiden in Finnmark for a reburial ceremony after beeing removed from the Skolt Sami graveyard in 1915.

Brave Coastal Women

At Kjollefjord on the Norwegian Lapland coast you'll find the coastal women sculptures.

Fatmomakke church village

Twice a year there is a church weekend at the Fatmomakke church village, one at the beginning of June and another at the beginning of September.

The Nordic countries

At the you'll find all necessary background information if you wish to visit us as a tourist. If you consider studying, or even moving here, you'll even find what you need at our Nordic countries article.

Lapland clean water

Clean water is becoming a scarce commodity. But in Lapland we are blessed with lots of clean water everywhere.

The Batsfjord fishing village

Read about one of the largest fishing villages in Scandinavia.

Finnmarkslopet - the worlds northernmost dogsled race

This is also the longest dogsled race in Euorpe. Next you you must come and see. Read more about Finnmarkslopet here.

Tipping in lapland

Tipping guidelines are quite simple in Lapland. Take a look at them here.

National birds of Lapland

Lapland is in three different countries. Therefore there are three national birds. Read about the national birds of Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Lapland winter clothing

Lapland winter may be cold. Here are some free tips as to planning your Lapland winter clothing before going.

The Finnish Lapland war

Read more about the best preserved war remains from the Finnish Lapland war that was fought between Finland and Germany.

Lapland Is the Realm of Gold

This Lapland article shows you that gold has been an interesting metal in many parts of Lapland up through the ages. And the interest is still there.

WWF Principles for Arctic Tourism

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has developed 10 principles for visitors to Lapland and other Arctic areas where the nature can be vulnerable. Read this article to learn more about these principles.

The Eight Seasons of Lapland

From the oldest times eight seasons were used by people living in Lapland to describe the cycle of mother nature. Read this article about the eight seasons.

Buying alcohol in Lapland

The sale of alcohol in Lapland is subject to strict regulations. You can buy beer in most supermarkets all over Lapland. But strong beers, wines and liquers you have to buy in state monopoly shops. Read this article on rules for buying alcohol in Lapland.

The Lapland culture

The Lapp culture is the culture of the Lapps or the Sami people. The Lapland culture can be defined as the culture mix of the Sami culture and the Nordic cultures of Lapland. Read this article with some simple thoughts about some elements of the Lapland culture

Bringing your pets to Lapland

When crossing the national borders of Finland, Norway and Sweden you have to see to it that you know the rules when planning the trip. Check the rules for bringing pets to Lapland here.

The Lapp dogs

Did you know that Lapland has its own breed of dogs? Read this small introductory of Lapland articles about the Lapp dogs.

The Arctic Circle

Did you know that the Arctic Circle is always on the move? Read about the Arctic Circle here.

Lapland coats of arms

Here is a short description of the coats of arms of Lapland plus more of Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish coats of arms.

The sauna

The sauna is the most important institution in Finland. Read more about the sauna.

Lapland Buddha

At Fredrika in ├ůsele in Swedish Lapland Europe's northernmost Buddhist temple is being built. Read more about the Lapland Buddha.

The Colours of Lapland

The colours of Lapland make this quiet part of the world a land of contrasts.
Read more here

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The Aurora Borealis in Lapland is a beautiful sight and experience in Lapland.

The Aurora Borealis in Lapland is one of the special light phenomena

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The ice bathing season at Bugoynes has started

Ice bathing at Bugoynes has become very popular

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The Bugoynes village is also called Little Finland

The Bugoynes village by the Varanger fjord is also called Little Finland, or Pikku Suomi in Finnish

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The road Alta-Kirkenes

The road Alta-Kirkenes (E-6) goes along fjords and rivers, and passes mountains before it ends in Kirkenes on the Russian border

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Tana bru is the centre of the Tana municipality.

Visit Tana bru which is near one the best salmon fishing places of the whole Tana river.

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Enjoy your Lapland travel

Many kids dream of a Lapland travel and visiting Father Christmas, but it is something that many parents now bring into reality. With trips to Lapland

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Arctic tourism works in a vulnerable nature. Here are some things to think about.

Arctic tourism needs to take into consideration that Lapland nature can be vulnerable. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has developed ten principles.

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The North cape is major attraction of Lapland

The North Cape is probably the most visited attraction of Lapland.

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Where the Reindeer Roam