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You'll Find Lapland Gold in the Whole Area of Lapland

Lapland Gold Makes the Area a Nice Place For Gold Diggers and panners

gold nuggets The dream of Lapland gold diggers and panners has always been to find a parent rock. Quite a lot of nuggets of various sizes have been found i different parts of Lapland.

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Gold in Finnish Lapland

Gold was first discovered in the Ivalojoki river valley in 1868. The first gold rush began in 1870. In more frenzied periods, even large gold companies were established. They even used machines in their excavation.

Since the first gold rush in Finland started around 130 years ago, the total production of gold in all these years is around 2000 kilos. Is it much? Little?

When things quieted down, only the most dedicated still searched for the precious metal.These hermits devote their lives to gold digging. They are a part of the colourful gold digging history of Lapland.

The biggest known nugget found in Lapland was 390,9 grams. Many small and big nuggets have been found both by amteurs and professionals. The gold of Lapland is among the purest in the world.

The E-75 road from Vuotso Ivalo is literally a gold route. As the road was built, they discovered that the sand and rock used for the road contained gold deposits.

In Suurkuusikko in Northern Finland they will start producing gold in 2008. This field is just near the Finnish - Norwegian border south of Anarjohka National Park. In this area we'll probably find the largest gold fields in Northern Europe.

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Gold in Norwegian Lapland

Since 2006 the number of mutings for gold and other precious metals in Norwegian Lapland has increased a lot. Experts say there is a great potential for more gold in the area.

The first official find of gold in Norwegian Lapland was around 1890 south of Karasjok. The gold fever never really stuck in Norwegian Lapland.

But just across the Norwegian-Finnish border the gold fever - in Finnish Lapland - many people went into the Lapland wilderness to get rich; like they did in Klondyke.

Gold still has some significance on both sides of the border. Even big mining companies are searching for gold on both sides of the Finnish-Norwegian border.

Swedish Lapland

In Swedish Lapland they have "The Gold of Lapland".

Sweden’s own ‘gold rush’ happened in Swedish Lapland. It was here that gold was found and mined in Sweden for 100 years and there is still an active gold mining industry in the area. This is why the area has been named the ‘Gold of Lapland’ ('Guldriket' in Swedish).

Gold and mineral museums in Lapland

Tankavaara Gold Village in Finnish Lapland is Europe's only genuine gold village, where you can experience the atmosphere of the gold rush. The museum shows the gold digging history of Finland and gold rushes around the world.

The genuine gold washing area is a great place to try your hand at finding gold. Chances are you will find some.

Visit the Tankavaara Gold Village in Finnish Lapland.

Visit also the Mala Geo Museum in Swedish Lapland. This museum is about gold mining i Swedish Lapland.

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