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Here are some Lapland photo tips to help you take better pictures in Lapland

Lapland photo tips

Lapp girl looking at cake
In these Lapland photo tips we'll cover some of the specialities of working with Lapland photos. Here in Lapland you can experience things that you don't experience any other place. But we'll also cover some general photograhpy things as they are important in connection with Lapland photography.

The most important thing is, of course, to be at the right place when the lighting is at its best. Often this is early in the morning, even before the sun rises.

Late in the afternoon is another nice time to shoot as the sun is setting or already has set. You don't always need the best equipment to get great shots. Keep the sun at your back or to the sides. (But if you may of course experiment with the sun in front of you.)

All photos: Olav E. Johansen/Ossimellom

Reindeer photography

Lapland photo tips Reindeer digging for food Wherever you go in Lapland, reindeer will be your companion along your route. You can get a wide variety of Lapland photos to take with you home if you just use some time at it. And be patient.

You'll meet reindeer in all kinds of environment. They are in the deep woods, on sea shores, on treeless plains and in the mountains. In summer you'll even find them in city streets and at harbours.

In the picture you see them trying to find some food below the thick layer of snow. They are experts at this.

Here are some simple Lapland photo tips that may help you get better reindeer pictures in a safer way.

The ever changing light

Salmon fishing in Tana riverPhotography is impossible without light. Some say that the definition of "photography" is "to paint with light". Light goes in certain directions. And it has varying intensity and colour.

Sometimes it can be wise to get up and out before the sun is up. This way you can prepare and wait for the best morning light available.

The best times to shoot landscape pictures are the couple of hours after sunrise in the morning and a couple of hours before sunset until it gets dark.

Read more about the Lapland light.

Lapp wedding photography

Another Lapland photo specialty is a Lapp wedding. Naturally you find most of these weddings in Lapland. They don't occur too often. Here are some Lapp weddding photo tips that might help you a little.

Northern light photography

You may want to take your own pictures of the northern light or aurora borealis. Here are some basic Northern light photography tips.


Read more about winter photography and tips on how to ensure that your camera will work in cold conditions.

And during winter in Lapland you will shoot in bad light conditions. Here are some tips to help you keep your camera steady.

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