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Here Are Some Lapp Wedding Photo Tips For Your .
Even If You Are an Amateur,
You Can Take Great Photographs

Here Are Some Free Lapp Wedding Photo Tips

Sami wedding photo
These short Lapp wedding photo tips are aimed at amateur photographers. The pros already know what to do and how to do the necessary research beforehand and during the wedding.

Once you are in Lapland it is a good idea to ask the local tourist offices about Lapp weddings. If they know, they'll be happy to help you.

If they don't have any answers, you could ask at the local church offices - or you can ask the tourist offices to check out for you.

Remember that a Lapp wedding is one of the most colourful events you can experience in Lapland. Maybe it is the most colourful one. Therefore it is worth the extra work if you are looking for nice wedding pictures to fasten to your film or your digital camera.

These simple tips might help you a little with your Lapp wedding pictures:

Usually you can take outdoor shots without asking for permission. Get there in time. There might be a wedding procession before the ceremony in church. And there are many people in Sami clothing ouside the church.

Outside the church you'll normally see what is acceptable doing when shooting.

Shoot as many pictures as you possibly can. This may be you first and last chance.

Take some close up shots of people in Lapp costumes. If you have to come very close to people, asking for permission to shoot is a nice gesture. But usually most people at a Lapp wedding know that they are interesting photo objects. So don't be too shy.

A good thing to bring with you also is details of the costumes - like belts, brooches, scarves and so on.

A telephoto lens helps a lot for details.

If you want to shoot in the church, you have to be careful. Normally the priests do not like too much traffic in the church by zealous photographers.

It would be polite on your part to let local photographers use the few possibilities for in-church photography activity.

If you are lucky to get a strategic seat in the church, you can shoot without flash using a high ISO number. Use a tripod if at all possible.

Usually you have the best possibilities after the ceremony in the church is over. People will stay for 15-20 minutes outside the church greeting the newly wed before moving on to the wedding reception. AND, remember, there may be another procession from the church to the place of the reception. Use the opportunity!

If it is "an open wedding reception" like they have especially in Kautokeino in Norwegian Lapland, you could always find out if you could come there as well. You'll find ways of checking out once you are there. If you are permitted to come, it would be polite to bring at least a token gift.

And enjoy this Lapp wedding photo series from Kautokeino in Norwegian Lapland. (It takes a few seconds to upload)

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