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Mosquito control begins with a little planning in advance.
We have gathered a few tips that might be helpful.

There are many opinions about mosquito control and what repels mosquitoes. These tips are based on what experienced hikers say.

Mosquito Control Tips. Lapland Mosquitoes Are Not Dangerous

Whenever hiking in Lapland National Parks or elsewhere in summer, planning for mosquito control is always something to think about. You'll have to relate to mosquitoes in one way or another. Your trip will certainly be a happier one if you take some simple precautions against them. But remember: They are not dangerous! The Lapland mosquitoes don't carry diseases.

Insect Repellants

A good repellant is fine to bring with you. There are many repellants on the store shelfs. But you could try out the ones containing DEET. If you use the DEET repellants, be careful and apply it only to your skin. It can harm synthetic materials (like synthetic clothing).


Hygiene seems to be important in keeping mosquitoes and other insects away. Insects are probably attracted by the ammonia in your sweat, and the odor of your feet and socks. Take a bath or wash regularly (in lakes and streams). Another tip is to seal dirty socks in a tight plastic bag. Result: Fewer bites.

Cover Your skin

Use long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Choose shirts that are made from tightly woven fabrics. Loosely woven materials are easy to bite through. A mosquito head net is a must and helps a lot in mosquito control. It doesn't weigh much. And it gives a lot of relief.

Clothes with neutral colors is worth trying. According to some sources mosquitoes are attracted to blue and also to contrasts of light and dark clothing. If you stick to light brown and beige, chances are you'll be troubled less.

Where to Camp?

The choice is to find a place for your tent in open spaces where there might be more breezy. The breeze will keep the insects down and away. The tent's door should face into the wind. This way you will have some fewer insects around as you get in and out of your tent.

A nice fireplace repels insects

Make a Fire

Often making a fire is prohibited because it is too dry. But if you can make a fire, it produces enough smoke to keep many insects away.

It is your responsiblity to find whether you are permitted to make a fire or not in the area you want to hike.
And good luck with your mosquito control. Read the Insect Guide. Maybe you find something more on

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