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The Pasvik valley is in the trilateral protected area
of Finland, Norway and Russia

Pasvik valley Christmas fair

Pasvik Christmas fair The other day we went to the Pasvik valley pre-Christmas fair at Laftehallen. Laftehallen is a monument People at Pasvik ckristmas fair of a bygone era in the valley's history, from the time the pine trees at the outskirts of the taiga were processed in the Laftehallen. As the name implies, they produced notched log cabins here. The machines are still there and remind the people about the good, old days.

Trading and chatting

Hundreds of people were at the fair, mainly locals from the valley, but also people from Kirkenes 50 kilmetres downstream. A large group had even come by bus from Tana - some 180 kilometres away. Many had come to buy and sell Christmas decorations (including Pasvik Christmas trees), and many other things, mainly winter gear. And of course all of them had come to see friends and drink coffee and eat all kinds of delicious cakes. (All photos: Olav E. Johansen)

The Pasvik river

comes from Inari Lake in Finnish Lapland. The Pasvik river valley goes south like a wedge between Russia and Finland. The Finnish name of the river is Paatsjoki. A large part of the Norwegian-Russian border follows the river. Pasvik is well known for its distinctive eastern flora and fauna, including a brown bear population in the Upper Pasvik national park.

Trilateral park

The Upper Pasvik national park is on the Norwegian side. This national park lies up to protected areas both on the Finnish and the Russian side. Read about this interesting trilateral park in the Pasvik valley area.

Code of conduct

In the border area you have to follow certain codes of conduct. Read what the The Norwegian Border Commissioner says about this.

And finally may like to find out more about
Finnish Lapland national parks and
Norwegian Lapland national parks

Where the Reindeer Roam

Dog at Pasvik fair
A Norrbotten spets at
Pasvik X'mas fair
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