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You Can Meet Santa Claus and Partake In Many Christmas Activities
At the Arctic Circle In Rovaniemi In Finnish Lapland

Santa Claus Headquarters

If you like Santa Claus and activities connected to him, you have to come to Finnish Lapland. They have established his headquarters at Rovaniemi just on the Arctic Circle (Napapiiri in Finnish).

Santa Claus is central in Finnish Lapland According to Finnish tradition, Finns believe that Santa (Joulupukki in Finnish), lives at the mountain Korvatunturi. This is probably also the most famous mountain in Finnish Lapland.

The Christmas Triangle

At the Arctic Circle they have the Christmas Triangle which consists of Santa Claus Village, Santa Park and Santa Claus Official Airport.

At the Christmas House in the Santa Claus Village you can see an exhibition where the main theme is Christmas and Santa Claus. The exhibition covers modern Christmas customs as well as old Finnish and foreign Christmas traditions.

The exhibition includes three exhibits covering nearly 400 square meters:

• Finnish Christmas, Christmas traditions and Lapland’s Santa Claus, “Joulupukki”

• Most recognized Christmas traditions around the World

• The Elves’ Toy Factory

At the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, the Santa Claus Village & Santa Park are places many people come to see. There are activities for children. At the Arctic Circle area there are also nice restaurants and cafés.

There are also many souvenir shops as well as Santa's Main Post Office.

Santa Claus offers different kinds of Christmas articles And Santa is there too, all year round. Arctic Circle Crossing Certificates are available from the Arctic Circle Information Office. Santa Claus Village is situated 8 km to the north of Rovaniemi direction Ivalo along the European highway number E75.

Christmas tourism

in Finnish Lapland has grown every year. The biggest attraction is Santa Claus. But the growth of Christmas tourism is mainly based on all the Christmas activities offered by many local companies in Rovaniemi and Finnish Lapland.

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt visited Rovaniemi in 1950. From this year tourism at the Arctic Circle began. A small log cabin was built to honour her. Today it is open as a museum cafe.

Between SantaPark and Santa’s Village there is a Reindeer Park.

Santa Claus recieves hundreds of thousands of letters every year from most countries. Most of the letters come from Great Britain, Japan, Poland and Italy. Here you can peek into the world of the Finnish Santa Claus.

Where the Reindeer Roam