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Visit a Swedish National Park in Lapland
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The Swedish National Park You Can Step Into From Your Car

The Abisko National Park has a deep canyon, the Abisko Canyon. This Swedish National Park starts from the shores of the beautiful lake Torne träsk ("träsk" is Swedish for "lake"), which is one of Sweden's largest lakes. The Abisko National Park is a beautiful park with gorgeous mountain formations. The park is very popular with hikers and skiers because of its easily accessible places. Many of them use the Abisko mountain station as a base for exploring the enormous mountain areas here.

Abisko is the start and end point of the famous King´s Trail, which is a 440 kilometre marked trail with hiking cabins along the way.

This park is near the Norwegian border in Kiruna Municipality about 195 kilometers north of the Arctic circle. Kiruna is Sweden's northernmost and largest municipality.

At Abisko we find the Abisko Scientific Research Station established in 1903.It is used mainly for environmental, biological, and geological research.

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See the map to find out where this park is.

Björnlandet national park

It lies in southernmost of Swedish Lappland in Åsele Municipality in Västerbotten County. There is a large primeval forest and steep ravines and precipices.

Björnlandet is a magnificent wilderness and one of the most valuable virgin forests in the country. Slopes and cliffs break up the rolling mountain terrain. The large amount of boulders and piles of boulders is striking to walkers.

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Muddus National Park

has its largest part in the municipality of Gällivare. It also belongs to the largely untouched UNESCO World Heritage Laponian area. The park has primeval forests with large trees, large swamp areas, and deep ravines.

Sweden's oldest known pine tree is also here. It has been estimated to be at least 710 years.

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Padjelanta National Park

It is the largest national park in Swedish Lapland and Sweden. The park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia which was established in 1996.

The park borders to Norway in the west. It has a vast plateau around the two unusually large lakes Vastenjávrre and Virijávrre. The landscape is fairly flat and open. Almost all of the park is situated above the tree line.

There are several hiking trails in the park.

An interesting point is that the Swedish center of inaccessibility (i.e. the point where one is at a maximum distance from civilization) lies in Padjelanta.
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Vadvetjåkka National Park

is in Kiruna Municipality in Norrbotten County. Read more about the Vadvetjåkka National Park

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Stora Sjöfallet National Park

is in Norrbotten County in Gällivare Municipality. It is also on the Norwegian border. The park's western and northern parts are in the Scandinavian Mountains including glaciers and some of Sweden's highest peaks. The mountain Áhkká, known as the Queen of Lappland, dominates much of the park.. The park covers an area of 1,278 km². Read more about the Stora Sjöfallet National Park

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Sarek National Park

is in Jokkmokk municipality. It was founded in 1909. The park is popular with hikers and mountaineers, but it's not suitable for beginners.

The park is a vast area of wilderness of magnificent beauty. Together with the adjacent Stora Sjöfallet and Padjelanta parks, Sarek forms Europe´s largest national park area with a total of over 5,200 square kilometres.

It´s a high mountain area with alpine massifs and narrow valleys, glaciers, lakes, water courses and wetlands. There are around 100 glaciers in Sarek National Park. Read about the Sarek National Park

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Pieljekaise National Park

. It lies about 10 km south of Jäkkvik. The park consists to a large part of a large birch woods. The park is traversed by the Kungsleden trail.

It lies about 10 km south of Jäkkvik in Lappland. The park consists to a large part of a large birch woods. The park is traversed by the King's trail (Kungsleden). Read about the Pieljekaise National Park

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The Laponian area

is a large mountainous wildlife area in Swedish Lapland, more precisely in the municipalities of Gällivare, Arjeplog and Jokkmokk. It was made UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Laponia is the world's largest unmodified nature area which is cultured by natives.The Sami people are herding their reindeer here.

It consists of the national parks Muddus, Sarek, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet, and the nature reserves Sjaunja and Stubba. The Porjus village is a natural port to the Laponian area. You'll find an information center there. Read more about The Laponian area See the map.

The large, green, continous area is Laponia.

Where the Reindeer Roam