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Along the roads of Lapland you'll get to see some highlights

Along the roads

Most of you will go to the different attractions along the roads by car. Therefore we'll take a closer look at the main roads of Lapland and give you a short description of some the highlights as you go. Please, have in mind that this our choice of highlights.

We'll start with the

E-45 from Dorothea to Karesuando

This part of the E-45 is in Swedish Lapland. Start by looking at a map of the E-45. When you come by the E-45 you are welcomed by this sign as a proof that you are about to enter Lapland through Dorotea (see picture).

(Photo: Olav E. Johansen/Ossimellom)

welcome to Lapland

Just a few kilometres south of Jokkmokk you'll cross the Arctic Circle.

When in the municipality of Jokkmokk, you'll find the World heritage site Laponia center about 35 km north of Jokkmokk town at the Porjus village.
In this map you'll find the gate to Laponia

The E-8/Rd 93 between Karesuvanto and Alta (E-6)

The Juhls Silver Gallery

You'll find the Juhls Silver Gallery at Kautokeino. It is a masterpiece of good taste and architecture and craft. Read more here.

E75 from Simo to Vardö

Simo is in the Kemi area on the south-western border of Finnish Lapland, and Vardö is on the Arctic sea in Norwegian Lapland. Did you, by the way, know that the E75 starts at the island Crete in Greece?

Use this map to navigate along the roads from Simo to Vardø

The Gemstone Gallery at Kemi is our first stop. It contains more than 3000 remarkable stones and jewellery from all over the world. They even have the regalia of the first and last king of Finland. Read about the Kemi Gemstone Gallery.

From Kemi and Tornio you can also access the Bay of Bothnia national park which is located in the archipelago outside these two cities.

Rovaniemi is the administrativ centre of Finnish Lapland. Here is the famous museum and science centre called Arktikum and the Rovaniemi Church where Lapp elements are used in Biblical stories.

Just about 10 kilometres north of Rovaniemi you will cross the Arctic Circle and the famous Santa Claus village with the Santa Claus post office and gift shops, to mention some of the features of the village.

What about picking your own gem stones? Your own amethyst? If so, take to the right at Torvinen down to the amethyst mine and even the Pyhä-Luosto National Park

At Sodankylä there is the Alariesto Gallery containing the works of an extraordinary Lapland artist, Andreas Alariesto.

About 40 km north of Sodankylä we find the Ilmakki-aapa petland protection area with access to a bird watching tower.

When you reach the Finnish-Norwegian border, you are at Utsjoki with the Lapland bridge and the the Tana river which is the best salmon river in Europe.


Tanamunningen Nature Reserve

This is one of the largest unspoilt river deltas in Europe. Here are also large populations of the common merganser (mergus merganser). You may also observe other species of birds here – together with some species of seal. You even find the giant Red King Crab here. The reserve is located approx. 40 km from the Tana Bridge on Rd 890 towards Berlevåg. See map.

Read more about the Tanamunningen nature reserve.

At the end of the E-75 you go through the underwater tunnel to the island of Vardø where you'll find the Vardohus fortress.

E-6 from Troms border to Kirkenes

The E-6 starts at Rome and ends at the Coastal Express quay at Kirkenes. Here we'll cover the stretch from the Troms border west of Alta. See E-6 map.

At Skaidi you may take a 40 km sidetrip to Hammerfest where you find tremendous viewpoints at the world's northernmost city which also has the only natural gas production site of Lapland.

Karasjok is a Sami cultural center at the Heart of Lapland.

E-69 from E-6 at Olderfjord to North Cape

See E-69 map. At the end of the E-69 you finally arrive at the famous cliff - the North Cape.

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Vardohus fortress is the world's northernmost fortress

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Where the Reindeer Roam

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