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The Berlevag fishing village -
a cool experience

The Berlewegians themselves call the Berlevag fishing village (Berlevåg) a cool experience. My wife and I went there for a Pentecost trip just to take some photographs for our Lapland site. We also looked forward to wandering along some of the beaches looking for small pieces of driftwood for my wifes handicraft.

The main industry of Berlevag is the fishing industry. The Berlevag fishing village has a population of only 1200, but still is a mayor European food supplier. Around 10.000 tons of different kinds of fish from the Barents Sea is landed here.

Glass artist Daniela Salathé Berlevag

At the center of Berlevag you can visit the Arctic Glasstudio and the glass artist Daniela Salathé. In the picture Daniela (in red) is discussing with a customer.

Berlevag is also reknowned for its male choir. A few years back a film was made about them. After that they toured the world.

The famous Danish author, Karen Blixen, wrote a novel called "Babette's Feast". The story is from Berlevag.

Berlevag pesjonat and camping Dieter Salathé

We stayed the night at the Berlevag Pensjonat and Camping. In the evening we talked with other guests, and we all agreed that the athmosphere is warm and everything is very neat and clean.

These are features that mean a lot to us. We all appreciated the friendliness and servicemindedness of the owner of the place, Dieter Salathé (see picture)

At Berlevag there are two large breakwaters made from reinforced concrete tetrapodes. The tetrapodes have become an important symbol of strength and protection to the Berlewegians. The tetrapode is even in the municipality coat-of-arms

In Berlevag municipality you find the picturesque small village Kongsfjord.

You can come to Berlevag by car, by plane or by the Hurtigruten coastal line.

Read more about Berlevag and about the war remains at Kongsfjord.

Here is a Berlevag fishing village map.
(All photos by Olav E. Johansen).