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Here is a general description of the kind of equipment you'll be needing for your Lapland trip

Equipment and temperatures

The equipment needed can vary because the temperatures can vary a lot through the year in Lapland. Summer temperatures of + 30 Centigrades are not unusual in Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland or in Karasjok in Norwegian Lapland.

In winter temperatures can creep down to - 50 Centigrades in the same places.

Still the average temperatures are higher than you would expect at these latitudes. The reason for this is the Gulf Stream which warms the Arctic Ocean to such a degree that all habours and fiords in Norwegian Lapland are ice free all winter.

The weather can change rapidly, especially on the Arctic Coast, but also throughout Lapland. It's wise to prepare for this when it comes to cloting and equipment.

Summer equipment

For summer season it will be wise to bring clothes like