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Tips for safe winter driving in lapland

Lapland winter driving

Winter driving in Lapland needs some extra preparations. If you plan to drive your own car (or a hired car) in Lapland in winter, here are some tips for safe driving.

Check the weather conditions before you go. In many places, especially in Norwegian and Swedish Lapland, you must be prepared for convoy driving or difficult driving conditions.

It is wise to start out with a full tank before a convoy driving or long winter trips.

Things to bring with you

Remember to take with you a spade, a dragging line and starting cables.

Have easy access to the warning triangle. This is the first thing you need if you run into problems along the road.

It is also wise to bring with you warm clothes, food and a warm drink in a thermos bottle.

Below the bonnet (hood)

Be sure that the battery is in good condition. If you bring your own car you may have to change the motor oil. In low temperatures it is best to have a thin oil. The antifreeze must stand temperatures down to 30 Centigrades below zero - or lower if you come when it's really cold. Fortunately such low temperatures are rare.

The wheels

It is a wise rule to fill 10% more air in your tires if the car is heavily loaded. Don't forget the spare tyre. Is the jack working? Have you got the tools for changing tyres with?

If you don't have winter tyres on your car, it is mandatory to have snow chains in your car. A set may cost 40-50 dollars or 30-40 euros. Do you know how to put the chains on a tyre? The socalled auto sock is a good alternative to chains.

The doors

Apply lock oil to all locks. Remember the roof box lock. Apply silicon to all weatherstrips on doors and trunk lid. Bring a spare key with you. For winter driving it is wise to have a lock spray in your pocket.

Convoy driving

Try to keep a steady speed. To avoid icing of the windscreen and wipers it is wise to provide them with chilled air. Keep an eye contact with the car in front of you.

If your car has fog lights, use them. Please, don't try to get out of the convoy. And don't try to turn and go back. If for some reason you have to stop, or the convoy stops, stay in your car. If you have to go out of the car, don't leave it! Stay close to it! (Source: Norwegian Automobile Federation).

Here are even more tips for safe winter driving.

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